27 Dec

This blog is no longer a thing, as many of you have already noticed.

I’m 15 now, I don’t have the time or energy to play this fucking kid’s game anymore.

I quit.

This revolution thing was doomed from the start.

Goodbye everyone.

And thanks for following me through all of this, it means a lot. But now it’s over. Goodbye.



18 Mar

I have added a new page.
It’s called suggestions.
Go check it out.
Leave a comment.
Suggest me some crap.
I’ll respond.
Uh, yes, thanks. I’ll be replying to comments too, so now we’ll finish comments with “~Icicle118” or
“~Plushpingu” so you can tell us apart.


24 Dec

I am considering renaming the army to Communists of Club Penguin. Any ideas of other names?

End of the World

21 Dec

So, the world is still a thing. But soon, Disney will lose it’s grip on CP. Some day we will force them out and rule for COMMUNISM.
Oh! By the way, Plushpingu will now be posting on the site. He types in Bold and Italics so you can tell the difference between us. Should have mentioned this before he posted.

Good News, Everyone!

3 Dec

Sorry about the lateness of this post. I was going to post earlier, but I forgot, because I am an imbecile. This post is mainly going to be full of important news, because….. well, there’s a lot of news this week. Firstly, I have a working computer! Finally! so, if you are online, look for me on the server Icicle because that’s where I am when I’m online. I will be on mostly on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so especially look out on those days. As I mentioned a while ago, we are going to have a party for the page being the first result when you google Club Penguin Anti-Disney, and now we can organize the party! I will also be starting the weekly speech and now a weekly quote every Tuesday. If you remember, there was a page about the History of this army. Because I am so damn stupid, I accidentally deleted this entire page. This means that our entire history has now been lost forever.


The weekly speech and quote will begin tomorrow and run every Tuesday after that. Remember to comment and give me any thoughts you might have, ways I can improve the site and any ideas you have too!


I’ve Failed You Once Again.

15 Nov

Well, I didn’t think it would end like this. The blog is crumbling faster than I had thought, and the Enemy is gaining power with their purchase of the Star Wars franchise. In all honesty this ‘revolution’ is pathetic. It’s nowhere near the all-powerful force to be reckoned with we are aiming for. We are seemingly completely devoid of any hope or faith. Our fallibilty and inactivity are the only aspects of our organisation that are rising. We are the laughing stock of the Club Penguin Army society. But, we must arise from the wreckage of my- no, CPADA’s crushed vision. Our movement will overcome the obstacles which block our righteous path. I will take it upon myself, as your Leader, to bring about the future we so desire. Our goal can reach verisimilitude and crush the vermin of Disney. I understand that I am conveying my message to you highly verbosely, but to relight the spark of eagerness in all of you it is completely necessary. I will see to it that Club Penguin acheives it’s well-deserved emancipation which it has awaited for so very long. If you can endure the hard work, we will throw off the chains of Disney’s long-running opression.
If you would require me to elucidate my reasons for abscence or for making this post, do not fear contacting me through the means of a brief comment or email that I will get back to you on in reasonable time.

My Other Blog

5 Sep

Ok, so you may know I have another blog. If you don’t, its a Pokémon and Anime blog. If you’re into that kind of thing, check it out. You can get there by clicking here.